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2010.02.11     01:21

Oh, I never feel more like singing the blues,
Than when Everton win and Liverpool lose!


Chelski who?Collapse )

No comment. Just a song:

Chelsea, wherever you may be,
Don't leave your wife with John Terry.
His dad deals coke, and his mum steals tea,
And he cried when he missed a penalty!

Bring on Sporting!!

2010.01.01     03:40


(Is it bad that I only had to go back one page to find that post? :x)

Yes, it's that time of year again folks. The time of resolution making, embarrassing singing of a Scottish ditty and, of course, the Emperor's Cup final. ;D Once again, Gamba Osaka have navigated the early rounds successfully and are heading to the capital for the grand finale! This year, it is a bit tougher on paper as we face the team made famous in England by Gary Lineker, Nagoya Grampus.

We haven't won any actual silverware this season so it'd be nice to grab some in the last match, but I'm predicting a close match because Grampus need to win to qualify for the Champions League. Having said that, Gamba go into the final this year in the better condition as Grampus faced 120 minutes of play and a penalty shootout in the semi final 3 days ago.

Finally, (insert New Year-y related blah blah about how "last year was utterly shite again but next year can't possibly be worse, even though I said the same last year and was proven completely wrong" here).

...then again, if SEIKIMA-II deliver on their promise to invade my continent with their HARMFUL ROCK and I get to witness such a glorious event then even if the rest of the year is a dire mess it will still go down as the best in my life. ;D

CX ☆ Diniyar Bilyaletdinov.
2009.08.30     19:59

I am so getting his name on the back of my shirt, just for the lulz. XD

Diniyar had an amazing debut. All 6 minutes of it, XD No, really, it's quite incredible that he was there at all considering he only just got his visa and arrived in the country yesterday, lol. Hope to see a lot more of him against Fulham in a couple of weeks.

On a serious note, Sylvain Distin had a great debut. He was solid in defence and did a good job of commanding the back line. Lescott who? ;D

If we get another couple of quality signings in by Tuesday (as well as having the Yak and Arteta back soon) then we're going to be back at the right end of the table soon enough. :D


How was that not a red card? ;D

CIX ☆ Ryuji Bando
2009.08.17     00:38


August 15th 2009. Gamba Osaka 1, Urawa Bandwagoners 0. 92nd minute of play. GET THE FUCK IN.

It was made even better by the fact that Ryuji's first shot was cleared off the line by Abe only for Ryuji to get up, collect the ball and then slot it through Tsuzuki's legs as well as past two defenders. XD

More photos to commemorate this glorious win.Collapse )

I make that 10 points that we have taken from the scum over the last two seasons. Not to mention knocking them out of the Champions League and League Cup. Bunch of amateurs. ;D

CVIII ☆ It's a demon's night!
2009.07.17     05:14


Do I smell a full-time reunion of the best band from Hell?

Their new CD, English covers of some of their classic songs, sneaked onto iTunes yesterday and now they've updated their Myspace with this lovely new image. Obviously the image is sans-Ace, which well and truly sets off my IMMINENT COMEBACK radar. ;D

I'm listening to their new songs, listening to the live recording of their gig in London and watching clips from that gig and I can't help but imagine myself stood before a stage, graced by the presence of these amazing men. I can't sleep because they are so incredible that I can't turn them off, XD

I so hope this happens. @.@ I would explode from excitement if it did, XDD;


Deep, deep inside the forest where the akumas dwell,
There is an ancient yet mundane house,
And, some say every night as the moon is rising,
One can hear noises emanating from within,
Noises that sound much like the screams of young girls...

Shall I make you my next wax doll?

2009.05.31     23:07

We may have lost but we're still proud to have come this far; 5th place for the second successive season and a cup final is a great achievement. On the day, Chelski deserved the cup even if we deserved it more over the whole competition. Having said that, any team that can't be arsed parading the trophy should just fuck off and not bother entering in the first place. I'm sure we won't have to wait as long as last time before we're flooding Wembley Way again. ;D

COYB! Roll on 2009-10! :D

CVI ☆ And if you know your history...
2009.05.30     10:50







What a lovely morning this is. The sky is clear, it is officially SCORCHIO and Everton are playing in the FA CUP FINAL later. There really is nothing like the feeling of knowing that your team are hours away from glory.

Walked up to Fratton shops in my Everton shirt this morning to pick up some hay for Biscuit and I had people shouting good luck messages from their cars and even a slightly tipsy man in a pub garden who started cheering "Everton" at me. Haha.

Bring it on Chelski. Underestimate us all you like but if you really want to win this trophy for a man who you have known for a few months and for your plastic fans then you're going to have to work for it because were going to give it our all to win this for people who really matter; Ball, Labone, Dixie and every player that has ever pulled on the royal blue shirt of Everton and all of our loyal support.

Right, I'm going to remind myself who the Redshite are playing today and then I'm off to Wembley. brb.

CV ☆ History in the making.
2009.05.23     22:35

Remember the name, ;D

I promised football spam and I am now delivering, if a little late. ;D

On Wednesday history was made. Takashi Usami, at the age of just 17 years and 14 days, made his debut for Gamba Osaka and scored his first goal! :D The fact that we lost 2-1 is irrelevant as we had already qualified for the next round of the ACL and we were resting our key players, besides, losing to Seoul meant that those diving, cheating, horrendous-tackling wankers from Shandong FAILED TO QUALIFY. HAH. *ahem*

Back to Takashi:

This kid is going to become one of the best Japanese midfielders in history, preferably as a Gamba player, ;D He is now the youngest ever player to play and score for Gamba and hopefully he'll break a few more records in his time.

His leg looks like is is about to snap here! XD

And tomorrow he may get the chance to prove himself against the league champions, Kashima Antlers. Bring it on, I say. ;D

CIV ☆ Worth every penny. ;D
2009.05.20     16:28

I got my copy of L'Arc~en~Ciel's new DVD today! :D It was only released in Japan today and I had it in my hands by 7p.m. Japanese time. NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL FAST SHIPPING. ilu CD Japan. Wasn't even EMS shipping, just regular old Air Mail. O:

Anywho... yes. So the packaging is SO AMAZING that I had to dedicate a whole LJ entry to it. I haven't even watched the DVD yet because I have to wait for prince_windie to find time to watch it THE PACKAGING IS SO SEXY.

SEE?Collapse )

I will watch it later and spazz over it more than any other DVD in the history of DVDs. My night shall contain much REMINISCENCE OF GREAT MEMORIES. :D

P.S. I may return later with FOOTBALL spam for you, ;D

CIII ☆ How do they do it?
2009.04.21     19:36

brb, Wembley.

Still can't believe that Everton won a penalty shootout, never mind made the final of the FA Cup. :@ When Cahill missed I pretty much gave up all hope, but Tim Howard came good to keep us in it and Jags put the demons of Fiorentina to bed to send Toffee's worldwide into raptures (but none more so than James Vaughan, who set off on a run around Wembley like a madman, XD).

Ferguson paid the price for underestimating us and overestimating his players' ability. Oh, and for wasting money on a shit player like Berbatov. Was he actually trying to emulate Yasuhito Endo with that penalty? Did he actually think that he could pull off a korokoro? HAH. Here's a tip for the future Dmitri: leave it to the professionals, mate.


P.S. Please to be clicking my Pokemans some more? ;D

2009.04.18     13:09

Please to be clicking on my Pokeman eggs and letting them feel your warmth so that they can hatch soon and grow into big strong Pokemen!

Thank you! :D

2009.03.17     21:21

Where was I? Ah yes...

This man, Leandro, is a beast. ;D

So, Gamba dusted themselves down after the Super Cup disappointment and have since turned into an unstoppable machine. First, we cut JEF up with a 3-0 win before doing exactly the same to Shandong Luneng (Chinese champions), then we did Jubilo 4-1 and today we went to Seoul and that man above scored a hat-trick to help us to a 4-2 win.

Fucking get in or what? ;D So, top of the league and top of our Champions League group. Mr. Leandro has scored in all 4 matches (6 goals in total), hence why I would like to marry him. XD

I'm full of confidence now. I reckon that with our beefed up strike-force we can take the league title and at least make the semis of the ACL, if not defend our crown. :D Forza Gamba, I say, forza!

In other news: AN CAFE will be in London a week today, *_* They had their first gig of the tour on Sunday in Moscow and I've seen a few videos on Youtube and heard some talk. Haven't seen a full setlist yet but they seem to be playing the usual favourites like BondS(!), Smile ichiban, Cherry saku yuuki(!), etc. (though no Maple Gunman, which makes me sads, D:) as well as the new songs like Summer Dive(!), Aroma, zetsubou(!) and My Heart Leaps for "C", however, they also apparently played Duck no Magical Adventure!!! O: I wanted them to play that last year and they didn't, I didn't think they would this year but it seems that they are! :D Miku has also brought along his Donald Duck plush too, apparently, haha.

I'm thinking that I may go for Kanon's side for real this time, haha. Last year there was loads of people on his side when I got in so I went to Takuya's side instead (which I don't regret because I ended up in the second row and got to touch them all at the end, haha). We'll see.

I got their latest DVD last week too. It has brief documentary clips of the world tour last year and I found myself in the crowd in the London portion, :D

I've rambled enough now, I shall go. XD Bye!

C ☆
2009.03.08     23:10

Tell me ma, me ma,
I don't want no tea, no tea,
We're going to Wem-ber-ley,
Tell me ma, me ma!

Bring it on! ;D

2009.03.02     12:27

The less said about Gamba Osaka the better. Never want to see Takagi on the pitch again, unless it's for the opposition. ffs.

Everton kept things alive with a good win over West Brom. If only Saha could stay fit, we'd be doing so much more damage to teams, :/
Tim Cahill & Marouane Fellaini
Have I mentioned how much of a legend Tim Cahill is?
...not as much as Fellaini's 'fro though, XD

lmao'd at Villa throwing away a 2-0 lead against Stoke. HAH. Finally their luck is running out and their season is going to pot. I reckon that we still have the slimmest of chances of overtaking both them and the Gooners, we just need to keep getting results against the sort of teams that we normally fuck up against and hope that they continue to drop silly points. :x

Anyways... onto more pressing news. I just had the pleasure of depositing £60 into the bank account of Sony just to get my hands on L'Arc~en~Ciel's new DVD. Said DVD containing footage of a certain concert from May last year. Paris. PARIS. FUCKING PARIS!! *¬* Cannot wait, :D

...most expensive DVD ever thanks to Gordon Brown making the Pound worth about as much as Monopoly money. ¬_¬

Ahem! AN CAFE will be hitting our lovely shores in LESS THAN A MONTH (3 weeks tomorrow)! O: I don't seem as excited as last time for some reason, :x I'm sure I will be in a week or so though, XD

That will be all, ;D